freedomWhat’s better when broken? How about the limitations we place on ourselves every day, without realizing that burden is unnecessary.

I’m Anthony Simeone, and I work with individuals and groups to help people empower themselves. My coaching programs provide practical techniques you can use to build better mental habits, take positive action, and see life for what it is: the ultimate adventure.

I’m the creator of Live the Hero, a program inspired by the work of mythologist Joseph Campbell. Live the Hero gives you the tools to tap into humanity’s ancient hero tradition and apply that wisdom to the modern world. You can use the power of myth to make your life epic!

If you’re interested in one-on-one or group coaching, or looking for a dynamic speaker for conferences and other events, please contact me to schedule a free consultation.

It doesn’t matter what job you do, how much money you have, how you look, or any other life circumstances. You have the power, at any time, to change your perception of life and, therefore, your quality of life.

Nobody but you can hold you back. Set yourself free!